Domain and web hosting


Email, Domain and Web Hosting

We can provide a full domain, email and web hosting package tailored to suit you and your business.

With dedicated servers for those customers with a larger demand for storage or a virtualized server for smaller needs we can help you with your hosting requirements.


Packages include -

      • Automatic domain renewals
      • Full web hosting which supports: php, asp and MySQL databases
      • Up to 10 email address
      • Weekly backups
      • UK based support team


          Anti-Virus / Spam

          Northway’s anti-spam solution is a free service available to all existing and new Northway broadband customers. Using our powerful spam filtering service we will automatically scan your mail on our resilient servers to reduce unwanted emails from reaching your inbox.

          Customers with their own domain hosted by Northway will have a personal login where you can fine tune the level of filtering to make sure that emails are correctly marked as spam. There is also the option of creating a black list and white list to bypass the spam filtering, as well as the facility to view detailed logs of all incoming mail so you can be sure you are blocking the correct emails.



          Domain Hosting Validation

          Nominet are the domain registration body for .uk domains who require all .uk domains to have valid and up to date contact information.

          When you register a new .uk domain,  Nominet will attempt to validate your name, address and contact details via a number of sources. Here is an example of valid registration data. 

          For the .uk domains that do not pass the automatic data validation process , Nominet (the registry) asks the domain registrar (Northway) to have the data verified manually. For this, you need to provide valid documentation that can confirm your name, organization name, and/or address.

          Examples of documents we may ask for and lookup on your behalf:

          • Company information from Companies House
          • Billing Directory (such as Experian)
          • Utility Bill (last 3 months)
          • Official company headed paper/letter head.
          • Current information for existing customers with other services or additional domains.

          *Northway accept Business customers only.

          Copies of documents provided will be stored electronically only as evidence of validation. 

          If attempts to validate your .uk domain fail (within 30 days of being notified) it could lead to your domain being suspended through the Data Quality Lock as per standard terms. This will mean that your domain will stop working. Should your domain be locked after 30 days and then subsequently verified then the Lock will be lifted.