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At Northway we have known for a long time that VoIP is the best option for flexible, mobile, low cost telephony solutions.

Now though I think we all have an idea that this telecoms technology is helping all of us survive the lockdown. From mobile extensions allowing use in a mobile phone or a desk based SIM phone to being able to just take your office phone home and plug it in to your home broadband and work as if you were sat at your desk, the possibilities are endless and really help to keep your business running at this difficult time.

Add in one of the many video conferencing apps and there is no reason not to stay connected with your colleagues.

Our security features are put in place with all connections outside of the office which means you are also staying safe whilst using your office telephone system wherever it works for you.

Stay safe and stay home everyone!


If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch via sales@northway.net or 01684 878504.

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