BT ISDN network
will be switched
off by 2025

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In 2015 BT announced their intention to switch off the ISDN network by 2025 time is ticking by, do you have your next system planned?

ISDN lines, have been the main part of UK offices communications across the country for decades but have been declining in popularity for some time and ISDN lines are currently being replaced with hosted PBX telephone systems, which offer excellent modern telephony but requires little or no hardware on site.

The ISDN replacement services do not use the traditional fixed line infrastructure, instead they use an Internet connection to carry the call traffic to and from your premises using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Over the past few years the decline of ISDN services has gained momentum as businesses have benefited from improved broadband options and lower costs which have in turn given customers more confidence to adopt next generation telephony without sacrificing the quality and reliability that ISDN has provided in the past.

Our Hosted PBX is a perfect solution, especially since BT’s announcement that they will switch off their ISDN network in 2025. You can move to the next generation of telephony without the upheaval and cost of a fixed line system but still have a flexible and feature rich system that will grow and move with your business. Many businesses remain hesitant to make the move to a hosted PBX and the main reasons for making do with traditional services include lack of time to make the changes, worried about changing suppliers, not enough in-house skills to manage the change and concerns regarding reliability and cost.

One provider, multiple features

One of the great things about moving to a hosted PBX with Northway is that we can provide your internet connection and telephone system. This allows businesses to remove traditional line rental charges and hefty maintenance fees as we as benefit from one single invoice from just one supplier, you can manage your systems very easily, control call flow and even divert calls very quickly without the hassle of calling through to a call centre and waiting for your request to be actioned. We can add on information wall boards and call recording as well so that you can see the overall picture of your business telecoms any time you like.

Peace of mind

Hosted PBX phone systems can be combined with all connectivity solutions from ADSL to FTTC, EFM and Leased Lines to provide very reliable services backed by comprehensive service level agreements giving you peace of mind in the event of a failure, we now also have a new MVNO option which is an extension from your PBX that uses an O2 SIM card instead of the internet connection and will continue to work in the event of a broadband outage.

Scalability and flexibility

If you move office you can retain your telephone numbers this means no more paying expensive remote call forwarding charges or having to change a business number. Our services provide scalability, allowing you to start with a small number of phones and scale up easily as you grow. Equally during quieter times you can scale back ensuring you only ever use and pay for what you actually need. We can also provide telephone numbers with any area code you wish so that you can advertise nationally in any area with a local telephone number, we can provide numbers for most worldwide destinations. Another great feature is that you can connect your offices from anywhere in the world and speak to them free of charge as long as they are all on your hosted PBX system.

We are happy to provide trial basis solutions and full on site installation to give you peace of mind right from the outset, so if your business is ready to make the next step towards the next generation of telephone systems give us a call today on 01684878504.


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