We have gone Electric!

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We have recently taken ownership of 5 Mini Electric for our staff fleet at Northway in a bid to strengthen our plan for a more responsible greener future. Ordered from Cotswold Motor Group in Hereford and made here in the UK at the Oxfordshire factory we are really very proud of our new purchases. We were featured this week on the Cotswold Motor Group linkedin page as well.

Story by Cotswold Motor Group Hereford.

Having recently handed over 5 Mini E’s to Northway Communications Limited, we visited their HQ to see how they had embraced an all-electric fleet of vehicles.

The team at Northway opted for the MINI Electric not only for the benefit of reduced emissions from daily driving, but also because of the reduced environmental impact from transportation - as the MINI E is built nearby in Oxford.

With their fleet of five vehicles averaging 6270km per month as a collective, the decision was made to go electric to reduce their C02 impact as a business. This was based on the calculation that with the average vehicle in the UK emitting 141.8g of C02 per km*, it would represent an approximate monthly reduction of 893kg of C02 for Northway’s fleet - that’s over 10 tonnes a year!

It’s great to see our electric vehicles being embraced at a fleet level and we’re very glad that the Northway team are loving their MINI’s.

*2018 data from Department for Transport


If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch via sales@northway.net or 01684 878504.

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