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Smart working are the newest buzz words, certainly in our industry,  but in almost all office based jobs we need flexible working now more than ever.

What does your business need for smart working to be successful? TRUST. You need the ultimate trust in your employees that they are going to go home to their own offices/living rooms/dining room tables and behave at home as they would in the office. That they will remain focused and hungry for their position, that they will continue to drive sales and excellent customer service when your customers need it the most, that they will continue to contribute to meetings and work flow in an acceptable way.

Your business needs to work exactly as it would as if you are all together, now more than ever.

With our unified communication services we can combine all of the things your business needs quickly and easily.  With access to the right tools your business can thrive - instant messaging, video chat, visibility of colleagues on the phone or marked as away and on do not disturb.  As well as the ability for your customers to contact you directly via chat through your website at a time that suits them whilst they are inevitably trying to manage their own work flow away from normal office proceedings.

It has never been easier to put your trust in your staff and colleagues and manage your business whilst working from home and I feel it will be a way of working that is here to stay.

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