Mobile PBX

Imagine having your office phone in your pocket

Our MobilePBX sim card allows you to use any unlocked mobile handset just like your office phone. This means that when you make a call out from the sim card, your office number will be displayed to the caller.

You can also divert, place and receive calls using an extension number e.g. 2001, making it easy for you to call colleagues in the office and for them to call you.

MobilePBX is perfect for people wanting to receive office calls while still being mobile. Ideal for working from home and for staff that are in and out the office at meetings or working abroad.

It is important to note that this is not an app or software installation and does not use your network data. It is a mobile service carried over the O2 & Vodafone networks that interconnects with the Northway Hosted PBX and VoIP network as detailed in the diagram below.


Key Features & Benefits

Call out with your office number from the MobilePBX extension

Maintaining contact continuity for your business and brand.

Receive and make calls as though you are using your office phone

Add the sim card’s extension number to queues, groups or call forward so you can receive calls when you are out of the office.

Ring and transfer calls using just the extension number

Your sim card will come with an extension number; for staff within the business to call or transfer to you they just dial that number. For you to call them just dial their office extension number as you normally would. All calls to internal extensions are free for the first 100 minutes (calls over 100 minutes are chargeable).

Cheaper International Calls

Take advantage of much cheaper international calls than using your standard mobile network.

Get the best signal wherever you are

The MobilePBX sim can roam between all major UK and European networks; wherever you are it will use whichever network has the best signal giving you great coverage.

All functions from your office phone work on the MobilePBX extension

All Northway hosted PBX functions available to your office phone work identically on the MobilePBX extension for example: call transfer, diverts, conferencing, voicemail and many more.

Only pay for what you use

Calls are billed per second and you are billed monthly in arrears, we will send you fully itemised call records each month.

One bill for everything

MobilePBX is managed and billed in exactly the same way as your normal Northway services, any MobilePBX charges will be added onto your monthly bill.

No Internet Connection or Data Needed

As MobilePBX uses mobile networks to connect to our PBX and VOIP network it does not need any internet connection or data to work. This is a massive plus if internet access is poor where you are, allowing you to use all the features of the PBX without any calls dropping or breaking up.

Another option is that in the event of an internet outage in your office or area MobilePBX will still work, this will allow you to carry on business as usual. Many of our customers have a MobilePBX handset in their office for this reason.

Our desk based sim enabled handset is the Jablocom Essence which is used instead of a mobile phone for a permanent office backup option. This phone is the same style as your normal office handsets.