BT's ISDN network will be switched off by 20252017-03-09

BT's main network of ISDN connections that have been part of offices all over the UK for years and years are being phased out with a complete closure due by 2025. Check out our options for the next generation of telephony and make sure you are ready! switch off

Text4Travel to help you keep up with your customers2017-03-06

Have you seen Northways Text4Travel service yet? It is the perfect way for our travel agent customers to keep in touch with your customers, advising them of important details relating to their trips. Tickets available to collect, exchange rate changes and special offers of the day are all things you might want to advise your customers but don't have the time to call them all. These days everyone carries a mobile phone and the quickest and easiest way to reach someone is very often via text message. Text4Travel


Why not have a look at our page for details and see how quickly you can get started.

Passwords.....How complex are yours?2017-03-03

Passwords, the bain of your life? an annoyance that you always forget? several resets and ending up with the same password for multiple things because you can't remember all of them!

Password protection is so important and your whole security practice is only as useful as your passwords, a hacker can crack passwords in a remarkable small amount of time but just by making some small changes to passwords you can increase your protection by a long long way.

Take a look below and see what yours is most like


Do you need to make some changes to your passwords?

Staying safe whilst using the cloud.2017-03-02

Cloud storage is growing day by day and all of us use it one way or another. Keeping business details, data sensitive documents and employee details safe these days is an ever growing concern so we have put together a few tips on staying safe while using the cloud. 


Why move to VoIP?2017-02-27

What is VoIP?

VoIP calls are carried over data networks instead of traditional analogue lines. With our Hosted PBX service you have a broadband connection and your phones will work over that network providing the complete functionality of a traditional phone system with more features as standard and without that hassle of  telephone exchange boxes and hefty maintenance contracts.

There are many benefits to swapping to VoIP and just a few are listed below.

Growing businesses, staff working requirements or office move are all examples of things that have an impact on your telephony. Northway Communications VoIP is  very much a Plug & Play system which allows for expansion and remote or mobile working all very easily. Staff can work from home or from any remote location as well as working on the move with our mobile extensions which work just like an extension from your office. This means simplified usage and billing for your business and optimum flexibility for you and your staff.

Northway systems are highly cost effective you save on the cost of line rental, call charges and maintenance contracts. You pay one small set up fee for a Hosted PBX and then benefit from free calls between all extensions where ever they are in the world. And  pick up and move telephone system should your business change premises.

As your system works over the internet you are able to transfer calls and divert numbers very quickly and easily. If your office is unexpectedly short of staff or needs to close for any reason such and fire, flood or any other reason we can divert all of your calls to a mobile meaning your business can still run whilst any problems are sorted out. In the same respect if there is a broadband fault we can divert your calls straight away meaning your lines of communication to your customers is never compromised.

Northways Hosted PBX is a feature rich system that gives you caller ID, voicemail, call stats and even a call centre wall board showing calls in, out and waiting. Full details can be found at

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch via or 01684878504.

Network security2017-02-24

How safe is your network? Online security is big business these days with the risk of a network breach never far away, so can you be sure you are properly protected?

It is a fact that as professional and personal lives become more entwined, companies need to achieve a balance between managing employee needs and company concerns. Minimizing Internet abuse, while enabling workers to accomplish reasonable personal tasks online at work, requires flexibility.

Did you know that you can allow access to personal emails for instance but you can restrict access to things like Facebook, YouTube and other social media from office computers therefore reducing the risk of external links that are potentially harmful being accessed.

Phishing or spam emails are also a huge problem with spoofing getting more and more sophisticated. Our firewalls will block malicious emails and keep suspicious ones in a junk folder so that you can check what is received before opening and clicking on links.

It is particularly important to educate new members of staff or maybe staff that are not as computer savvy of the dangers of fake emails and dangerous links.

We are all very aware of our security when it comes to banking etc. but online workplace security is often something that is overlooked but is very very important. Keep up to date and stay protected!

Our 10th Birthday!2016-03-10

Today marks our official 10th birthday and we would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers who have supported us for the first 10 years! Here's to the next 10. Congratulations to all of our team at Northway.

10th Birthday

Office resilience is vitally important2016-01-19

A big Happy New Year to all of our customers we hope you are all well and truely into the swing of January now and that this busiest of booking months is treating our travel customers well. We have lots of exciting projects ahead of us this year and our mobile extensions have gone down very well and I hope those of you that are using them are seeing the benefit.

One major focus for us this year is to ensure that all of our customers are aware of the importance of true resilience in the office. All broadband suppliers will suffer outages from time to time and some more serious than others which can wipe out a voip system and leave and office without service.

We would encourage all of our customers to talk to us about investing in back up solutions and have various options available, if you would like to discuss some options please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mobile Extension usage2015-10-12

Our mobile extensions are available proving very popular with Hays Travel using them in their new branches and also Parentpay ordering, It's great to see that they are working well for all who are using them and we look forward to rolling them out to more customers very soon. More details if you are interested can be found on our website.

Last Quarter of 2015!2015-09-29

As the last quarter of the year is fast approaching I will be invoicing some of our customers for the final time of 2015 in a couple of days which always feels strange, this time of year is always nice with Autumn coming but Christmas will be here before we know it! We are busy with in house testing of an exciting new product that will be launching soon as well as new set ups for Gymshark and Millington Travel this week. Today is International Coffee Day which is something we certainly know how to participate in.....We are on 14 cups so far today and will be many more before the day is out, maybe we should have a counter on the side of the coffee machine!

New branches for Millington Travel 2015-09-24

Millington Travel are opening a further 2 branches on the Northway network in Kettering and Nuneaton, congratulations on the expansion. We also have new set ups for The Phone Coop and FTB this month along with ongoing work on our own in house projects meaning we are all very busy. Work on our new website continues and we will have a brand new meet the team page ready soon so you can all put some names to voices!

Mobile extensions for VoIP2015-09-21

We have a new add on product for our hosted PBX service. VoIP is an ever evolving product and as a mobile phone is more and more the chosen method of communication for many businesses we feel this latest add on option to our service will be invaluable.

Acting just like any other extension on your phone system you can recieve calls where ever you are, or in the event of a PSTN or ADSL fault in the office you will still have a working service. Using a desk based SIM phone or a mobile phone you can choose the option that suits you best.

More information can be found on the website

Carry Them Home 2015-09-18

Happy World cup day to everyone whoever you are supporting, we have picked teams out of a hat here in the office, let us know what you are doing today to celebrate! Lets hope England have a good game tonight at Twickenham.

Shiny new website2015-09-15

Our new website has now been launched courtesy of our web developer and will continue to be improved over the coming months. Our aim is too make the site as user friendly as possible with lots of helpful information, product sheets and user guides as well as the usual links to our products, tariff and support portal.

Did you know you can raise a support ticket directly from the website as well if you would rather do that than call in. Our tickets are fully monitored so you will always get a response from the team whether you call in or raise a ticket on line. Have a look around the new site and let us know what you think.

Our New Telephone answering process 2015-09-07

From Monday 7th September 2015 all calls to Northway Communications will be handled by a new IVR system.

There will be 4 options to choose from depending on whether your call is regarding a  new fault, an existing fault with a reference number, a billing query or a sales call.

Any new fault calls will be answered by customer services who will take the details, give you a fault reference number and log your fault with our technical support team. The next available support engineer will then call you back to deal with your fault.

The reason for doing this is to ensure that the technical support staff maximise their time fixing faults and are not distracted during the process.

We have also appointed a new technical support supervisor and recruited a new member of staff in the support department, we hope this will enhance the service from our suport team and help deal with all faults in a more timely manor.

New Product Lauch!2015-08-31

Northway have just launched our exciting new product to enhance your office telephone systems.

An extension that works just like the rest of your set up but uses a mobile phone signal instead of the broadband connection. You will get all of the features of your standard PBX with the added bonus of being able to take your extension out and about with you by using a Northway SIM card in a mobile phone. Alternatively by using the SIM cards in our desk based Jablocom phones to ensure that you will always have a telephone that works in the office should your broadband fail for any reason. You can check out all of the details on our mobile extension page on the website.

This option has also proved very popular with some of our more rural customers where the mobile signal is stronger than their broadband connection. We are looking forward to this product evolving during the coming months and feel that it is a great addition for all of our customers.

Northway's Managing Director is raising money for The British Heart Foundation 2015-04-07

Our MD Greg and his friend Neil are riding from Pershore to Paris on 21.6.15 to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. 350 miles in 5 days will be a challenge and BHF is a great cause that is very close to Greg's heart and many of the rest of us. As coronary heart disease is Britain's biggest single killer any money raised will go towards much needed work. Please donate what ever you can, at, all donations gratefully received and customers who make a donation will get a mention on our news and social media pages.

Changing times and changing needs2014-09-12

Companies these days must make a number of different considerations when addressing communications. As the requirements of workers and customers continue to change, the first thing that has to be examined is the state of the current communications network. Many businesses are still in possession of fully-capable legacy systems, and are able to adapt them through the use of assets like SIP trunking.

But there are other businesses that find themselves repairing broken networks. What's more, some companies may have found that they can no longer continue on with their existing solutions, and need to explore different options to enable their workers better.

This is where our Northway Hosted PBX services come in to their own. Instead of patching up phone connections that have outlived their usefulness, companies in need of cloud VoIP capabilities should invest in a provider – one that manages the infrastructure off-site and can assist them with all of their specific requirements.

For companies seeking more flexibility from their communications systems, hosted solutions can be a blessing. Rather than bog down in-house IT teams with the maintenance and upkeep of failing networks, many are finding that full-service VoIP and unified communications solutions are an easy way to free up time for more pressing IT work around the office without skimping on the things that create a modern workplace.

Times change quickly, and rather than build and manage new networks on-site, more and more businesses are realizing that they can get more from a Hosted PBX than they can from following the old legacy telephone systems. Making the decision to move the upkeep of their networks to an outside company is a big one but this is not something to fear and for those businesses that are looking for a new telecoms infrastructure to call their own, hosted services are the perfect modern solution.

Voip can help you retain customers after a staff member leaves2014-08-18

A great news story from Telappliant today about one of the many benefits associated with Voip technology, but one that many firms may not have considered is the fact it can prevent former salespeople from poaching long-time customers.

Matthew Toth, president of Collaborative Communications Consulting, told Channel Partners Online that this is one of the hidden benefits of hosted VoIP, coming as a natural consequence of the greater control such technology can provide over a corporate comms network.

Typically, key salespeople within any company recognise that the best way of retaining customers is to create and maintain a long-term relationship with them, and that the easiest way of doing this is by providing the client with access to their mobile number.

However, for employers, this creates a potential dilemma when that member of staff leaves the company, as there is a chance the customer will continue contacting the salesperson directly for their orders - even if the staff member is now employed by a key competitor.

Some firms try and get around this by providing company-owned mobile phones, but most workers are not keen on the idea of having to carry two mobiles around with them at all times. Instead, hosted VoIP can offer a far more streamlined alternative option.

Using a VoIP system, companies can advertise a single number that is owned by the business, but can simultaneously ring multiple devices, including office handsets, mobiles and even a home phone.

This means businesses remain in control of the channels of communication between customers and staff, minimising the risk of a key client being poached by a former employee.

Mr Toth explained: "It is safe to say that virtually every business owner on Earth has had quality people leave their organisation and try to move business to a competitor. Why make it easy for them?

"It starts with controlling the flow of incoming calls. If you could avoid even one star taking business with them to a competitor, it would be worth taking countermeasures, right?"

A very good article and points out just one of the major benefits of a VoIP system.

Customer Contact Expo 2014, London Olympia 1st-2nd October 2014 2014-08-12

A reminder that Northway will be exhibiting at the Customer Contact Expo in October, a great show that recieves over 5000 visitors each year. We are looking forward to showcasing our new products and meeting some potential new customers.

Branch moves and new set ups.2014-08-05

Its been busy at Northway over the last couple of weeks with branch moves for Scent London, Baileys Travel, Langley Travel and Visionary Accountants It's great to see customers investing in new property so good luck to all with their new shops.

The guys have been hard at work behind the scenes getting things ready for the Call Centre Expo at Olympia in October and things are coming along nicely. We are looking forward to a busy successful show.

There is a funny Q&A session with Hays Travel managing director John Hays in the Travel Weekly this week and he says if he wasn't in travel he would be a fashion designer! funny thing is though once in the travel trade you never seem to make it out without being connected to it in some way, being in travel myself for 17 years and now working for a travel industry supplier means I too am still 'in the industry' so to speak.

There is also a good article on customer service and the tourism sector has ranked 3rd out of 13 in the national measure of customer satisfaction survey published by the institute of customer service. Good customer service is paramount in any industry but in travel it is especially important......I know I would not book a holiday with anybody that has less than perfect customer service skills!

New market reach for Bath Travel2014-07-15

One of our biggest customers Bath Travel are about to launch into a new marketing campaign to reach a younger customer base. The rollout of a full branch refit programme which will give the shops a brighter more vibrant feel with plasma screen advertising in each of it's 62 shops along with a new radio jingle that has been adopted from parent company Hays Travel hopes to attract the younger market whilst not alienating it's very loyal older customers. Good luck to them with their new advertising initiative.

What exactly is Hosted PBX?2014-07-10

Businesses worldwide are improving their communication systems by transferring over from traditional phone lines to business hosted PBX services, but what exactly is it and how can your business benefit?

A Northway hosted PBX is a public branch exchange that effectively manages all business communications by using cloud technology through the internet to make and receive phone calls. We are able to offer customers all of the quality features that come as costly add-ons with traditional phone services for free. Thanks to the high speed internet being rolled out across the country hosted PBX gives a more affordable and updated telephony option for businesses of all sizes.

At Northway we pride ourselves on high quality affordable systems to fit any business from an overseas call centre to a small local office network.

This week Super Escapes have chosen Northway Communications for their Hosted PBX system in their overseas call centre and we are looking forward to working with them. Another benefit seen by many customers is the ability to literally pick up and go if you are moving office, as you have no hardware other than your handsets and router it is very easy to relocate.

Give us a call today and see how you can benefit. 01684 878060.

All staff have the right to request to work from home 2014-07-03

The right to request flexible working arrangements is about to be extended to apply to all staff and not just parents and carers.

Since Monday, workers who have been in their job for six months are able to ask for flexitime, to job share or to work from home.

The change will extend flexible working rights to around 20 million people.

Many businesses who already offer it say it increases staff motivation and productivity and reduces absence.

It has been an option for us here at Northway and our Hosted PBX product makes working from home really no different to working in the office, I get to do exactly the same job at home as I would in the office if one of my children is taken sick for instance. During the school holidays I work from home instead of them going off to expensive child care but my boss still gets 100% commitment to my job ans taking a couple of hours off for sports days is easy as I can make up the time when needed even if the office is closed.

Employers will have to make the correct business decision of course and working from home isn't for everybody but for some it is becoming an invaluable way of working, maintaining staff motivation and productivity whilst reducing absence.

Northway Hosted PBX is a fully flexible telephone system that will allow full contact between office and home employees.

Call Center & Customer Management Expo 1/2 Oct 20142014-06-26

Northway will be attending the Call Center & Customer Management Expo at London's Olympia in October 2014 to demonstrate Northway Hosted PBX's integration with various CRM systems including OpenERP and Zoho. Let us know if you will be attending.

Wondermill Junior Deluxe hand mill donated to Mutundu School, Mufulira, Zambia2014-06-20

This week saw what could be the start of something great with the first donation of a Wondermill Junior Deluxe hand mill to Mutundu Community School in one of the poorest areas of Mufulira, Zambia.

Following Greg's visit in February this year he discovered that the farmers of Mufulira sell 50KG of maize kernels to a milling company for £6, they then buy back the milled product to feed their families for £7 per 25KG. So with this in mind we have decided to donate these mills to help them mill their own maize and make their food much cheaper.

The mill will be placed at the Mutundu Community School and will be part of a fair trade co-operative for farmers and villagers alike to mill their own maize and save costs. The mill was handed over to Agnes and Phillimon at the Wincanton Primary School in Somerset who are the Mutundu Community school's twin school.

We also donated a Dell Inspiron netbook and maps of Africa to the school, one of the major bonuses of the netbook will allow the school to Skype with Wincanton school and share experiences with pupils here. The internet connectivity is surprisingly good in Zambia!

This is something we hope to do each year as part of our corporate responsibility.

Infrastructure Upgrade for Northway2014-05-23

Last night we upgraded our core firewalls at 6DG and installed a new 1GB internet feed in order to improve performance and network stability. A big task to undertake and long hours were worked yesterday but a very worthwhile project as part of our fibre upgrade plans.

Fibre Rollout2014-05-09

Many UK businesses need a high speed infrastructure these days in order to run their communications and stay in touch with their workforce. So it is good news that BT has beaten it's target for rollout of the superfast fibre product by covering over two thirds of the UK.

Work has already started to connect another 44 area's which means even more businesses will benefit. With the help of the government BT and other commercial operators are delivering one of the fastest rollouts of fibre in the world.

If you would like to see if you can upgrade just give us a call on 01684878504.

Windows XP end of life solutions 2014-05-08

Windows XP is now end of life meaning that Microsoft will no longer support the product or supply security updates for it. There was one exception to this rule last week when a securtiy breach was discovered just after the end of life deadline, more info on the BBC news website.

Moving forward the product will not be supported at all, if you have Windows XP machines now is the perfect time for an upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. Northway have a great refresh bundle available at the moment so why not give us a call for more details 01684 878060.

Voip is here to stay2014-05-02

VOIP has all the credentials required to be a telecommunications solution that lasts and is used by homes and businesses for many years to come. A guide recently published has pointed to some of the factors in the technology's favour, including its price which it said means any user has the potential to cut their phone bills drastically.

Once money is being saved thanks to lower call rates and fewer maintenance responsibilities, companies can begin to reinvest the saved funds elsewhere. This should allow them to make significant progress in areas that might otherwise have remained untouched.

The other great thing about VOIP is its simplicity, our systems are user friendly and high functionality allowing IVR systems, call recording, inter branch transfer and much more. Best of all users do not have to worry about issues such and maintaining and updating their hardware. Big maintenance bills are a thing of the past with Northway Hosted PBX.

Handsets are inexpensive and easy to install and purchasing a VOIP system now will ensure those who are signed up to it are best placed to benefit from future advances in the technology.

Hotel Wi-Fi under the spotlight today2014-04-29

One of the discussions at The World Travel & Tourism Council Summit this week is the cost of Wi-Fi at hotels, a leading tourism retail executive has labelled the charges levied by hotels for Wi-Fi usage as mind boggling.

Social media is massive and taking a selfie and tweeting it across the world whilst on holiday is probably a favourite thing to do for many travellers these days, we certainly seem to be inundated with photos of far off places and drinks on tables whilst looking out over the sunset. The new generation of Wi-Fi users are only going to get more demanding but paying for it and adding more cost to an already expensive stay?

Desiree Bollier, chief executive of the Value Retail Management Group says that social media is part of the way that tourism shoppers think - "they are going to take a selfie and send it across the world. Selfies are here to stay. Sharing your purchase is part of the experience. Why Wi-Fi is still part of a paid transaction in hotels is mind-boggling to me."

Wi-Fi at 35,000 ft2014-04-28

The Rollout of Wi-Fi on modern aircraft is continuing with Air Canada the latest carrier to announce it is installing the technology.

It will become the first Canadian airline to provide passengers with Wi-Fi and plans to begin kitting out it's North American fleet with internet connectivity in May.

Air Canada has two Airbus 319 aircraft that are already equipped and will roll out the technology to all its aircraft. The aim being to bring Wi-Fi to 29 planes in 2014 and a further 130 by the end of 2015.

Other airlines with on board connectivity already include British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Qatar, United Airlines, Emirates and Hong Kong Airlines to name just a few however prices vary between the carriers and can be expensive.

Is this the answer for far travelling business people? Do we need constant Wi-Fi access in order to keep the world turning? Surely a plane journey can be kept as rest time....I guess not. There seems to be a constant need to be in touch with the office these days and to be seen to be available at all times and so this is progress, it will soon be standard practice. We get Wi-Fi wherever we want it these days home, work, trains, buses so why not planes as well!

This means that VOIP will become even more invaluable to business as please can now keep in touch, join in that conference call and reply to emails even whilst at 35, 000 ft.

Zambia Travels2014-03-06

A great trip to Zambia for Greg Last month. He went with a group visiting amongst other things the village of Abigail in Eastern Province, who now thanks to the hard work and financial contributions of many have a new water bore hole in operation after 3 long years.

They also took along football kits for the kids kindly donated by Welland Football Club and baby clothes donated by Cheltenham NCT group. A great time was had by all and its nice to know that we have made a contribution to help the village. You can check out the photos on our Facebook pag.

How many minutes in a Northway hour?2014-01-20

Well it has been a great start to the year for the travel industry. Our minutes used are up by 10% this year so far with a record period last Monday of 4000 minutes used in just one hour! we will be on target to use 8 million minutes by then end of the year which is fantastic news and must mean that all of our travel trade customers are storming through January, thanks for using Northway and long may everyone's success continue.

Exciting Start to the new year2014-01-08

Well it has been a busy start to the year for us at Northway.

We have deployed a voice and data solution for The Red Pallette Company as they moved to their new premises last month, the Bath Travel new head office is up and running as well now along with several brances as part of our new role out. The Bath move to Hays is in full swing who have also opened two new branch offices in Hexham and Darlington.

Miles Morgan Travel have extended their move to Northway with the Malmesbury, Yeovil and Taunton shops moving to our network.

We will soon be launching a new total agent bundle to include telephones, PC's, Microsoft licences, call minutes and much more. Designed to be an all in one bundle for you office needs. Details will follow soon!

Exciting plans and a warm weekend maybe?2013-04-11

We have exciting plans in the making as part of our expansion programme, we are looking towards a new managed network centre and the building of two new class 4 telephone exchanges as part of our future growth process so watch this space for news!

The weather is supposed to be warming up in the coming days so fingers crossed for a little spring like weather! this has definitely been a very long winter.......

Some lovely customer comments 2013-03-05

It's always nice to get customer feedback and these comments are great, thanks everyone!

Enable Holidays

We have recently relocated our offices to a central location, the whole experience was made much smoother with the help of Northway Communications, they helped us through the entire process, ensuring that everything that we would need from our old office was transferred to the new office and then set-up our new systems without us having any down time. They have been available constantly either on site or by phone since we moved often working late into the evening. I can honestly say that nothing is too much trouble for Northway even if it is down to our shortcomings (lack of technical knowledge) they are always happy to help - Sam and James are both great guys who I am sure the Northway management are very proud of.

Lynne Kirkby, Managing Director

Driver Provider

Great news about lowered call costs, you really are a great team and we recommend you to every one we know especially here in Spain always trying to get you new business!

Liz, MD

Appleby Holidays

Well done you, and thank you very much indeed! May I also say the support team are terrific, always very helpful and patient.

Alice, MD

Our strong support team is one of our best assets, UK based no calling queues, helpful staff and fast results.

Yahoo bans homeworking! 2013-02-27

Well news has reached us today of the Yahoo email banning their staff from working from home...... 

As an advocate of homeworking I think the comments made are pretty daft and I believe we are just as productive sitting at home and working as we are in the office. Many huge businesses rely on homeworkers these days, valuable staff that can't work from home may not remain staff for long.

Instant messaging, video conferencing, complex call routing platforms that allow your office phone to ring at home and be transferred to you whilst as home as if you were sitting on the next desk, are all widely available and used by those companies that know how to produce a productive workforce. The news article has attracted some high profile comments,

Richard Branson has branded the decision “perplexing”: “We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they're at their desk or in their kitchen,” he wrote on his Virgin blog.

The core feature of VoIP is its flexibility and allows our customers and indeed our staff to work at home, where to be honest more focus is given to the task at hand without the noise and chatter of the office causing us to loose concentration.

Microsoft Lync is used widely for corporate instant messaging and what is the difference between sending an instant message to someone in the building with you or in a separate office? you will still get the same answer.

Homeworking works best for certain types of industry, and certain types of people, and in most cases only on a temporary basis, but to take away the ability to do this altogether seems out dated.

The truth of the matter is that some of the people that should not be allowed to work from home probably should not be working for you at all, but that's a bigger subject. Those of us that juggle family life and real jobs find a massive relief on our work/life balance by being allowed to work from home.

Speaking as a working mother with two small children when one of the schools ring to say they are closed due to a heating failure, or when one of the children is poorly I still do my job. I still complete my tasks and the company knows that they don't need to find somebody else to do my job. When the children are on holiday from school I still work every day but from home and no one loses out. Homeworking is a massive part of our society and Northway Communications and many of our customers are firm believers in it.

Flexible working2013-02-26

It's been reported that last summers Olympic games was the perfect opportunity to introduce flexible working but many companies missed their opportunity. Many staff need the chance of flexible working but don't like to ask and many companies do not have the correct facilities in place to allow this type of working. From needing to fit with the school run, watching a sports day to looking after sick children, all workers who are parents and those that are not all need the chance to be flexible these days.

It is said though that a workforce is more productive when given the chance to work flexibly if needed, and the technology of Voip is perfect for allowing remote workers to keep in touch with the office, and participate in meetings via conference phone/webinars etc. This helps the management feel like they are in touch with their remote workers and the staff themselves to still feel part of the office. This also saves the company money on lost employee days if they cannot carry out their duties from home.

Running and operating costs for Voip are incredibly cheap compared to standard telephone systems and the ability to move around very easliy is a massive bonus, this is a major part of our society today and is something that all businesses that would fit the 'flexible' model should be looking into.

A big welcome to our new PBX customers2013-02-21

Northway would like to wish a warm welcome to our new PBX customers, the former Ambassador Travel branch in Aylesbury has been re-opened which we are very pleased about and the former Ambassador shop in Wells is now a Miles Morgan Travel shop which again is great news. Its good to know that some good came from the failing of Ambassador, and we wish both new shops the best of luck with their new management.

Also this month More Than Gold 2014 is due to go live up in Glasgow all ready for the Commonwealth Games, so congratulations to them as well.

We have some exciting meetings coming up this month and it will be great to see how things progress for the future.

Growing VoIP awareness across the UK.2013-01-14

A report published by Computer Weekly and carried out by OFCOM shows that the awarness of VoIP amongst peoople in the UK has risen to 78% in the last year, this is 75% up on last year showing that the popularity of voice over IP telephony is rising faster than ever while we are all so aware of the need to cut costs and save money.

Is your business as profitable as it can be in this current climate? making changes to your office structure often gets overlooked in favour of more advertising, but the amount of money you could save may surprise you. Our sales team will happily make a comparison to your current telecoms costs to see what you could be saving, why not contact us today.

SALES: 01684 878504

Happy New Year 2013-01-07

A very happy new year to all our customers.

With the new year well and truly under way, the schools are all back and our working life is returning to normal. We have some exciting changes a foot this quarter and are looking forward to business both old and new.

Fibre To The Cabinet is becoming more popular and more readily available with the roll outs continuing across the country, why not give us a call and see if you can get it?

Merry Christmas!! 2012-12-18

All of us at Northway would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of our customers!!!

Top VoIP myths......2012-12-06

With the switch over of telephony from old copper wire systems to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) continuing at a very high pace even if you are not aware of it I thought a look at the top reasons why people don't want to change to the new technology might be worthwhile.....

1.  Call quality is not good - While this can be true if your system is not equipt to handle data and VoIP traffic, with a correctly configured system and enough bandwidth your call quality will be as good as a traditional landline, more often than not issues blamed on VoIP are problems with the landline you are actually talking to. Our systems run on a VoIP only ADSL line ensuring maximum unchallenged speech quality.

2. We have paid for our system and it still works? - This may be true but a system that you paid out for a long time ago will often have hefty maintenance and service fees attached, it does not take long for the savings made with a VoIP system to pay for itself.

3. We might move premises soon - Our hosted PBX VoIP systems are completely portable and can move with you without any trouble. It simply connects to your broadband, no issues and no system to move only your handsets and broadband router.

4. Our staff work from home - This situation lends itself to VoIP perfectly, staff can work from anywhere, even taking an office call on their mobile on the train home if needed!

VoIP really is the telephony of the future and in years to come will you be wishing you had made the change?

Northway sign deal for new data centre in Cheltenham2012-12-05

Northway have chosen Safe Host data centre in Cheltenham for their third site. This site will add further resilience to our current PBX services and provide the setting for the launch of our new virtual desk top and hosted application products.

Our new products and services are due for launch in early 2013. We felt Safe Hosts were the perfect choice of location and along with their dedication to the carbon footprint of its data centres it has one of the lowest PUE ratings in the UK.

Continental Airlines conviction overturned for the Concorde crash 12 years ago 2012-11-30

Continental Airlines has won its appeal against a manslaughter conviction for its role in a Concorde crash 12 years ago that killed 113 people.

A French appeal court has cleared the airline and one of its mechanics of criminal blame for the Air France crash, which happened just after take off from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Two years ago, another court had decided that a metal strip that had fallen from a Continental aircraft was to blame for the tragedy.

It found the Concorde had run over the piece of metal, which had torn a tire, sending debris into the aircraft's fuel tanks and causing the aircraft to burst into flames. It crashed into a hotel and other nearby buildings, killing everyone on board and four hotel workers.

Yesterday's ruling has quashed the fine and the mechanic's sentence, but the court ruled that Continental still bore civil responsibility for the crash and upheld the €1 million damages pay-out.

Read the full story on Travelmole,!Y!Y!T__rd~A&w_id=8487&news_id=2004176.

Thomson bad press over disgruntled staff emails...could you manage it? 2012-11-29

A shocking story in the travel news and on Watchdog Daily today about a disgruntled Thomson employee who sent abusive emails to a customer after they complained about their holiday accommodation. The story brings to light the problems involved in tracing and archiving emails and recording telephone calls.

Could you trace such an email with your current usage and confidently say who sent it? and how many times have you had a customer tell you something important to a booking that had or hadn't been said and you couldn't prove it either way?

In this day and age it is imperitive to cover yourself against such situations, our call recording starts from as low as £3 per handset per month. Call today for more information.

VOIP could save you some money2012-10-11

Turning to voip should first be seen as a boost to the efficiency and productivity of a company, as it will allow it to work in a more flexible way without as much time and money being lost.

But it is also important to remember that the technology is a huge factor when it comes to the bottom line of any business. Quite simply, VoIP is a solution that should enable all those who use it correctly to cut back on their costs.

That is a view that is certainly subscribed to by Syd Bolton, curator of the Personal Computer Museum, who has used a piece for the Brantford Expositor to confirm that VoIP "could save you some money". While he admitted it is "not perfect", it is undoubtedly an option that makes sense for many companies across the world.

He described it as a "viable alternative for many" and suggested that its popularity is set to grow even further.

With this in mind, it could be time to gain a competitive edge over some rivals by investing in VoIP as soon as possible. Businesses that do this should experience operational and financial benefits within a short period of time. Read the full article at

If you would like to take a look at what voip could do for your business, email your details to

Take a look at this.....2012-10-08


The sole purpose of Jindo is to protect your network and data contained within it.

It is designed to protect your networks where roaming users remotely connect to share, collaberate and obtain important information.

We all hear of cases where laptops are left behind on trains or laptops being stolen. Imagine if a laptop was stolen which then had easy access to remotely connect to your network. Not only could valuable data be stolen but depending on your network privilages also deleted. By enforcing Jindo security a new password is required each and every time so the above scenario can never occur.

Jindo also lets you monitor who is currently logged in and keeps a full history of all activity. We can also generate specfific reports to let you know if there appears to be any strange activity of users access your network. Such as frequent failed login attempts and sucessful logins made out or normal business working hours.

New 4G network ahead of promised date2012-10-05

UK internet services will get a boost from the middle of 2013, an expected 6 months ahead of schedule. 4G will improve internet stability across the country making VOIP an even more attractive prospect for businesses that have not already reaped the benefits. Read the full article from Telappliant at

Meanwhile we have a new addition to the popular Snom family of handsets, in the 700 series. Offering larger screen display and more functionality they will be a welcome addition to office desks!!.


Big changes around in the office this month, with a refit of the office making better use of the space it will be good when its all finished and calmed down! We also have another new addition to our support team so things are coming along nicely.

Customer service and UK support remain one of our main selling points and these latest changes will help with that even more.

Flexible employment is part of modern working 2012-09-10

A great article from Telappliant this week about flexible working and modern employment and how VoIP fits in with it....

Companies may find that in the modern workplace, they simply cannot afford to ignore flexible working and the advantages it offers any longer.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive officer of Work Wise UK, has become the latest expert to have his say on the option and how it can be beneficial to users. He noted that he believes flexible working is now a significant part of the modern way of business.

"I think it is all part and parcel of an increasingly fluid employment market," he said, adding that flexible working might "suit [a worker's] lifestyle because if they have got children to look after or perhaps they are a carer, then of course it might suit them to only do ten hours a week".

Read the full story at the link below,

Some Travel Industry news this week2012-09-07

The captain of the doomed ship Costa Concordia was in denial about the seriousness of this incident that sank the ship according to this article, makes interesting reading!

Also this week, UK trade bodies have accused the government of “squandering” opportunities to grow the economy created by London 2012 by downgrading the role of tourism minister, There will be no doubt lots of debate on the matter at the forthcoming ABTA Convention in Turkey next month.

Finally Lufthansa has been forced to ground 1,200 flights today and over the weekend as cabin crew started a 24 hour nationwide strike across Germany.

Disruption will affect thousands of passengers as the airline scrapped two-thirds of scheduled flights from late last night into the weekend due to the third walk out in a week by members of the UFO union in a dispute over pay and conditions. Germany's six main airports are affected including Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.

Social Media....a help or a hindrance???2012-08-28

This article explores the effect of social media on business and advertising, does it really help or can it be a threat all at the same time? Whilst nearly two thirds of the worlds internet population regularly visit social networking sites, is it a good way to advertise your business......

We do have pages on Facebook and Twitter but mainly for snippets of info and stories that may be of interest, we have not tried full on advertising this way. Let us know what you think or if it has worked for you at .

A busy busy few weeks!2012-08-21

Well it's been a busy few weeks for us with work on an exciting new project for the travel business, details to be revealed soon!

There has also been ongoing work to upgrade services for our existing customers, helping their businesses to run smoothly and efficiently.

Did you know that our Hosted PBX systems are feature rich and include many services that BT charge extra for. Including caller display, call queues, in call announcements, voicemail, caller ID, call divert and many more! if you would like an up to date comparison please do not hesitate to contact us.

VOIP is becoming the prime alternative to landlines.....2012-08-14

An interesting story on the Telappliant website this week, VoIP providers everywhere have long been promoting benefits of IP telephony over standard landlines but now it seems that people are starting to take notice. With these times of financial hardship it is imperative that businesses are running as smoothly and as cost effectively as they can and VOIP can help with that.

The link to the story is here  and its worth a read for all you SME's out there that are looking to cut costs and improve or update your networks functionality.

And now for something different!!2012-07-26

I have decided to give you something different this week! With the Olympics starting tomorrow and Olympic fever well and truly sweeping the nation here is a link to the best Olympic Apps for your phone/tablet.


VoIP is a solution that all SMEs should consider2012-07-18

The article below published this week on points out the good points of VoIP and dispells some of the myths surrounding call quality, the same rules apply to VoIP as to any other service, you get what you pay for! so as long as you have a good business quality broadband service with enough bandwidth you will not have a problem with call quality.

We all know that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have to balance two sides of the business spectrum to be successful in these gloomy economic times.

On the one hand they have to look for new ways in which to innovate and keep ahead of the competition and yet on the other they often have to work on low budgets.

Indeed, companies often find themselves in the position where some investment in technology would radically improve the way they operate but they simply cannot justify the cost.

However, in a recent blog post for Dynamic Business, Graeme Gherbaz, said one investment that companies cannot afford to turn their noses up at is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

He wrote that all small businesses need to take the technology seriously because it can deliver them significant cost savings as well as a communication platform that is much more flexible than traditional telephony systems.

The author went on to say that VoIP is the bedrock of many firms' successful communications processes and without it some would fail to get the business results they desire.

VoIP, he added, helps to “bring together old and new technologies” to provide a system that is both “powerful and cost effective”.

Mr Gherbaz was also keen to dispel the myth that the quality of calls made using VoIP services is of a lower quality than you would receive using normal telephony set ups. That may have been the case when VoIP was a new technology and internet bandwidth was poor, but it’s matured to the point where a decent implementation will be on par or superior to fixed-line calls in terms of audio clarity, reliable service, and multi-user support.

At Northway we offer VoIP with low set up costs and excellent service meaning you can improve your business for very little outlay.

SIP Trunking offers numerous benefits to business2012-07-12

I found a good article this week from telappliant explaining the benefits of SIP Trunking and VoIP systems, it seems everywhere you look at the moment businesses are being urged to move their telecoms to a more flexible solution. Read the full article at or check out our products page for more information.

With this changeable weather and the risk of flooding a near constant over a lot of the country, an option where your staff could work from home and still be productive is a system well worth looking into. Things can change very quickly for many of you but we will always need our staff to be available and efficient. Call our sales team today on 01684 878060 and see if we can help you.

Pershore Ndola Zambia Link Project2012-07-06

We all attended a charity dinner at Pershore High School last night in aid of their Ndola Zambia Link Project, everyone had a great time and lots of money was raised. More details of the project and the work they do can be found at . They do some great work and have enabled things such as broadband for Lubuto High School in Ndola and exchange trips for the students.

The Benefits of the mobile revolution??2012-07-04

There is a very interesting article link below, that states most of us are addictided to working at home, checking our phones at 6.51am and responding to work emails from our beds!! Whilst the benefits of flexible working are no secret, we apparantley put in over three weeks of overtime by checking mail and messages at home, read the full article at 

I think it's very true these days that flexible working is what keeps many small businesses correctly staffed, allowing busy parents especially to work around there childrens school lives, but for all of us who maybe just need to wait in for a delivery or the gas man.....this used to mean begging with the boss to swap a day off or using up precious annual leve,  but with todays technology you can be at work without being in the office, for our latest flexible working technology have a look at .

Growing Businesses to turn their back on BT??2012-06-19

Growing businesses in the UK are faced with a whole raft of challenges. Managing cash flow and customer debts, improving sales and market effectiveness, and coping with external factors such as the state of the economy, the high cost of insurance, taxes, red tape, health & safety, lack of bank lending, competition within the UK and from abroad, transport issues, employee skills gaps and shortages... the list just goes on.

One way of alleviating a few pressure points is managing operating costs and improving staff performance. Using innovative communication systems such as VoIP is one of the more popular ways to achieve this. Don't underestimate the costs you might save by using the Internet to route your calls cheaply to a telephone anywhere in the world.

Read the full article at 

This is a very interesting article highlighting the benefits of VOIP to business, for more info give us a call, 01684 878060.

Football Frenzy 2012-06-15

Well with Euro 2012 mania sweeping the nation lets hope the boys can pull it together tonight against Sweden, and if you don't like the football.....................why not sort your offices out today instead, those old phones and that huge BT bill could do with a makeover don't you think??


Jindo is a 2 phase secure authentication system that protects your company network. The login process requires two phases of password authentication before a remote worker is allowed access to your network.

It is used for a roaming workforce that connects to the company network via a VPN. Before a user can connect they need to request a new “one time” password that will expire after a period of time. The new “one time” password is sent via SMS to a mobile phone. By utilising a second device it ensures that in the event of a laptop or PC being stolen the offending party will still not have all the login credentials to access the company network.

Single factor authentication systems are no longer considered a secure method of accessing systems via the internet. Users generally like to use easy to remember and hence easy to guess passwords such as date of birth or a family name. Hackers can use password gathering systems and crack these weak passwords.

Contact us for more details today,

New Customers 2012-06-14

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks at Northway with new customers in the form of ParentPay Ltd who have taken our broadband and IP Telephony services at their offices in Coventry. Our Premier Travel branches are enjoying an upgraded ADSL service and Talis are now up and running.

A big welcome to all our new customers who have joined us over the last few months and a reminder that if you have any news you would like us to share for you just let me know and we will happily put it on our news pages.

Facebook & Twitter 2012-06-14

Just a reminder that you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter by following these links!



Growing Businesses to turn their back on BT??2012-06-14

Growing businesses in the UK are faced with a whole raft of challenges. Managing cash flow and customer debts, improving sales and market effectiveness, and coping with external factors such as the state of the economy, the high cost of insurance, taxes, red tape, health & safety, lack of bank lending, competition within the UK and from abroad, transport issues, employee skills gaps and shortages... the list just goes on.

One way of alleviating a few pressure points is managing operating costs and improving staff performance. Using innovative communication systems such as VoIP is one of the more popular ways to achieve this. Don't underestimate the costs you might save by using the Internet to route your calls cheaply to a telephone anywhere in the world.

Read the full article at 

This is a very interesting article highlighting the benefits of VOIP to business, for more info give us a call, 01684 878060.

Talis Group Limited2012-05-17

Northway are pleased to welcome Talis Group Limited on board as our newest customer, for Colt fibre broadband and a hosted PBX system. Talis is a group of innovative technology companies based in Birmingham and we are delighted that they have chosen Northway to provide their communication services.

It's been a busy couple of months with customers old and new and our call recording options have been very popular. If you are interested in hearing what it available just get in touch.

New call recording feature goes live!2012-04-27

Northway's new low cost call recording option has now been released and the first customers to sign up are enjoying the service.

Our PBX customers can now have call recording for only £3 per extension per month making it much more accessible to all our customers. If you would like details please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also have some exciting new products in the pipeline and several set ups in the Midlands area for both existing and new customers.

More news on our new products to follow but don't forget our fantastic total agents bundle for travel agents, Jindo our 2 step authentication log in system for your network security, and our flash operator panels for call centres and call management needs. See our products page for more information.

New Broadband products now available from Northway2012-04-17

Northway are pleased to announce that we can now provide fibre to the cabinet high speed broadband through a new agreement with Eclipse, giving up to 40meg download and up to 10meg upload speeds.

We also have new call recording options available so if that is something you maybe interested in please do not hesitate to contact us,

Miles Morgan Travel's Titanic Memorial Cruise2012-02-06

Miles Morgan are moving their home workers that are arranging his fantastic Titanic memorial Cruises to Northway's VOIP network. Miles Morgan is running the Titanic Memorial Cruise to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The Southampton departure is already full but there are still spaces on the New York departure. You can find more details of this fantastic cruise at – It's been a busy couple of weeks again at Northway with lots of jobs for our existing customers ongoing and some new marketing being looked at.

if anybody has any new requirements for their communications, or just want to talk over an idea just give us a call! and as always we are happy to add news from our customers to this page.

Quovadis Travel 2012-01-10

We are delighted that luxury holiday firm Quovadis Travel are pleased with their service so far from Northway, they have provided us with a quote this week, and Jo says,

"We choose Northway as it was recommended to us from another travel company who advised as well as an efficient service, Northway were always knowedgable, helpful and personable. Certainly this has been true so far in our own experience during the set-up and the first few weeks of using our new system."

Thanks for the kind words Jo, and if anybody has anything they would like to add to our news or articles they would like us to share please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Happy New Year 2012-01-05

Well we are well and truely back to normality after the festivities and hopefully all our travel customers are enjoying the start of their very hectic quarter 1.

We are busy here in the office with new installs coming up in various locations. We are delighted to be welcoming new customer Quovadis Travel on board and we also wish the new owner of Portrush Travel in Co Antrim all the best.

We hope you all have a very prosperous 2012 and if anybody would like to add anything to a future news article please do not hesitate to contact me at .

10 more sleeps to go....2011-12-15

Well with only 10 sleeps to go till the big day everyone is very busy and we are no exception! with 2 installations coming up before christmas we will be very busy making sure everyone has everything they need for the big selling period thats coming up in January.....we really hope its a busy one for all of you, especially our Travel customers.

New Set up For Clifton Cowley this week2011-12-05

Another busy week for Northway as Clifton Cowely add a second VOIP connection to their account with us, we are delighted that they are pleased with the service they have received from us so far.

Sunmaia have also signed up with us this week and we welcome them to Northway.

Christmas countdown......2011-11-21

Well it seems the christmas countdown has well and truly begun... with only 34 days to go, I am sure you all have more on your mind than office telecoms, pretty soon we will all be card writing and present wrapping but did you realise that this is the perfect time of year for you all to correct anything that you are unhappy with? Broadband to slow? The odd telephone not working? paying too much for your line rental and calls? unable to contact your suppliers customer service department? all of these things can be fixed easily and will make office life for 2012 much easier. So if there is something you are unhappy with why not see if we can fix it for you?

One of our newest customers S&N Pickfords Travel in Romiley Cheshire has been very happy with their new broadband service, about his recent set up Alan Skirvin has said,

"Last week we had a new line connected that you have installed, we are over the moon with the back up service you have supplied to us. We have been talking to a gentleman called James this morning in your help department and his assistance has been first class."

We are now in the process of providing a second line for S&N Pickfords and would like to thank them for their custom and welcome them to Northway.

Office refit & new call flow analysis feature 2011-11-11

We have had an office refit this week with nice new wooden desks which is all looking very smart. Ebco E-bikes service went live this week so a big welcome to them.

We have also this week launched a call flow analysis platform for call center customers allowing staff to accurately identify call flow and in depth reporting.

Snom have just released a new series of their popular IP phones called the 7 series:- 

The snom 720 IP phone: Pure functionality

The snom 720 phone addresses office users that require excellent audio and a large number of programmable PBX-style keys. It combines a state-of-the-art hardware with the proven snom SIP software.

All in all, the snom 720 raises the bar for VoIP phones in its class both in terms of voice quality, available features and day-to-day usability.

The new audio subsystem was designed for excellent performance in office environments. It supports a large range of codecs, wideband audio, handset and hands-free operation according to TIA-920 standard. The specially designed grips which hold and release the receiver compliment oFor network connectivity, the snom 720 comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one of them suitable for Power over Ethernet. The Ethernet ports are connected to an internal switch that is capable of VLAN tagging, so that an external PC can reside in a different VLAN than the phone.

A USB type A connector can be used to expand the functionality of the snom 720. An optional USB stick can be used to connect the phone over Wireless LAN or enable Bluetooth headsets.

If you are interested in some more information about these new handsets or our call flow feature, contact us today

1st4cruising are using Northway VOIP2011-10-27

We are very grateful to Alan Peirce, 1st4cruising's IT Manager for his input to this instalment of our news.

1st4cruising is a long established, Cruise Sales specialist call centre based in Leicester with a number of sales consultants working from home. 

Alan said “our previous telephone system met our requirements adequately; however when we purchased another company in Stanmore we wanted to combine the call centres and use skills based routing.  This presented us with a problem and would have meant extra call costs between the two sites and home workers; coupled with the ISDN 30 costs at both sites and the maintenance of the current telephone systems. We felt that there must be a more cost effective way”.

“Northway was recommended to us by another Tour Operator and after speaking to Dan Sutherland and checking out the features of the system it looked as if the Northway solution would fit our needs, We decided to go ahead with  Northway VOIP  for the Stanmore Office initially to see how it ran before committing the Leicester Office.  However circumstances took over and shortly after ordering the Stanmore solution, it was decided that the Leicester office would move to better premises and we took the decision to change to Northway for the Leicester office also. We are very pleased with the system, we get good support and our bills are lower. VOIP is the way forward”.

We are delighted that 1st4cruising have chosen Northway as their service provider, if any of our other customers would like to add anything to our news pages please email me at

Local Business & anything to share??2011-10-21

It's always good to get more local businesses on board at Northway and this week Ebco-ebikes in Warwick and FTB Communications in Bromsgrove have taken our PBX services, we have also been doing some more work for Premier Travel and their Global Travel Lounges.

Did you know that Northway offer a variety of services from fully managed broadband right down to simple domain & email hosting? wether you need a complex communications management system or just the minimum help with your telecoms or networks we can help, if you are taking a look at your needs during a quiet period why not give us a call and see what we can do. Also don't forget our brand new Jindo product, see for more information.

If anybody has any news they would like to share on our news pages please email me at and we will do our best to include it.

Busy Busy Busy!!!2011-10-13

Well it's been a very busy quarter 3 for us at Northway with several new contracts including Bath Travel and the usual stream of Hays IG members taking our broadband services. We have set up several local companies recently with Haywards on Tewkesbury high street and Sprint Media in Tewkesbury taking our PBX telephone systems.  As well as the fabulous deli AD1471 in Tewkesbury using our domain hosting.

Christmas will be here before we all know it, this year seems to have flown by but quarter 4 is a good time for most of us to get our offices and systems sorted for the new year. Our new website has a list of all our products and services including Jindo which is our new 2 phase security authentication system to keep your company network secure, perfect if you have a roaming workforce! contact us for a demonstration today.

TravelPayer Systems joins Northway2011-02-17

Travel Industry payment solutions company Travelpayer have taken their broadband and VoIP services from Northway.

Travelpayer is an innovative financial settlement solution for the global travel industry, supplied by Travelpayer Systems. It provides Travel Agents, Suppliers and Channel Partners with a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution to the financial settlement of travel bookings. It offers complete visibility of the status of settlement, enabling each transaction to be tracked through to completion.

Travelpayer managing director Larry Hanson said "Travelpayer Systems have taken the Northway Voip and Broadband package and are extremely happy with the service flexibility and scalability. The installation went extremely smoothly and was hitch free."

We are very pleased to welcome Travelpayer as an addition to our large portfolio of travel industry customers.

MyKinda Travel joins Northway2011-02-16

The newest member of the Hays Independence Group has chosen Northway for its VOIP and Broadband service, internet and call centre business MyKinda Travel.

The Sunderland-based agency began to trade in January and the directors are Daniel Lugsden and Stephanie Emerson, who have worked together since they were teenagers.

Emerson said: “We decided to put together our combined experience of 22 years to open MyKinda Travel.

“We very much believe in what the Hays Travel Independence Group stands for and having worked with many members of head office in the past we have every confidence MyKinda Travel can go on to be a successful and valued member.”

As a supplier for Hays Travel and its IG members we are delighted to welcome Daniel and Stephanie to Northway Communications.

Travel Angels final site added and brand new website launched2011-02-11

Travel Angels have completed their move to Northway by adding their final site at Gillingham to their PBX this week.

Today sees the launch of our band new website at have a look and let us know what you think.

We also have a discussion running on our facebook page, Northway Communications Ltd why not join in, and remember to like our page whilst you are there!

Telecom Fraud Protection from Northway2011-02-03

One of the major issues with voice over IP is phone hacking, it is said that the annual cost of compromised PBX voicemail systems is $15 billion and that 90% of resellers still do not fully appreciate the security risks of IP telephony. Because of this many hosted PBX suppliers still do not have the correct security in place to protect your accounts.

For our customers peace of mind and To add even further value to Nothways hosted PBX telephone service our complex security and firewalls protect all our customers from potential fraud giving you the ability to carry on your business without that risk.

To find out more give us a call today on 01684 878504.

A good start to the new year2011-01-20

We have had a good start to the new year with some local meetings set up and a couple of new projects in the pipeline. We hope the new year has started well for all our customers, especially the travel agents! lets hope the traditional busy period is good to you.

Hays Travel IT department are the latest to take Northways VoIP service to fall in with their move to different premises.

CE Architects in Winchcombe sign up to Northway VoIP2010-11-16

New Business CE Architects in Winchcombe has become the latest local business to sign up for Northways VoIP they will now benefit from excellent call rates and first class customer service, give us a call today for your personal quote 01684 878504.

Hatherley Manor Hotel 18th November2010-11-15

Northway will be at the Tewkesbury B2B show ay the Hatherley Manor Hotel on Thursday the 18th November. It will be a great opportunity to meet local businesses and see what we can offer you. Why not pop along and see us.

Vale & Valleys show Stroud2010-11-04

The Vale & Valleys show takes place at the Stroud Subscription rooms tomorrow and Northway will be there displaying some of our products and explaining the new telecoms regulations and what they mean to you. Why not pop along and see us.

Vale & Valleys Show Stroud2010-10-21

We have just booked our stand at the Vale & Valleys show on the 5th November at the Stroud Subscription Rooms, the FSB event was a great succes in Cheltenham back in July so we are looking forward to another busy show.

Millington Independent have just signed up for VoIP from Northway so installations are underway for this project and there is lots of exciting product development in the pipeline.

Our new websites are available for any small business, have a look at for our travel agent version, call us today if you are interested for your business.

Dartmouth Travel becomes the latest Hays IG to join Northway.2010-10-12

Dartmouth Travel have  just opened a new branch in Paignton and their VoIP installation has completed today. Dartmouth are the latest Hays Travel Independence Group member to join Northway. Following on from Miles Morgan Travel last month, they will now benefit from our excellent call rates and first class customer service.

BT have announced they will be increasing the cost of business line rental. Did you know that Northway can take over your line rental for £11.99 per month saving you money on line rental. As well as saving you time trying to get hold of BT as you can call our UK support in Gloucestershire on a local rate number with no queuing and no foreign call centre!

Great article on why VoIP is good for your business 2010-10-07 Check out this article on VoIP and why it could be good for you. Call today for your free no obligation quote.

With the traditional quiet period in the travel industry approaching now is a great time to get your telecoms in order for January. Before we know it Christmas will be here again and the new year bookings will hopefully come flooding in. Why not have a look today and see if you really could save some money. No charge and no obligation so nothing to loose!

New Travel Technology available2010-09-23

Northway have a variety of travel accessories available to help your business. We have websites from only £15 per month, call centre wall boards, and we are currently looking at a new back office system for the smaller agent. All of these products are being designed to help your business run smoothly at the lowest possible cost. Why not give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

Ciceroni Tours have completed their free trial of our VoIP service and are now ready to sign up to a 12 month contract. Would a FREE trial help you decide? Call 01684 878504.

...and finally with Autumn well and truly here, we wish you lots of busy late booking days as customers try to book up their last holidays of this year!

More installations for our Voip services across the travel industry 2010-09-15

Its a busy time here at Northway with installations under way for Telford Travel, Ciceroni Tours and Miles Morgan Travel. More and more agencies are turning to VoIP as their main telephone system to save them money.

Our fantastic half price set up offer has now finished but our low prices are still hard to beat. If you would like a quote give us a call today.

With the seasons changing rapidly a very busy January will be here before we know it. Now would be the perfect time to sort out your communications.

Installation at Baileys Travel and The Travel People sign up to bundle2010-08-04

Things are underway for the installation of Northway broadband and VoIP services at the three branches of Baileys Travel.  They will now benefit from our cheap calls first class service and free inter-branch communication with our top of the range VoIP system.

The Travel People have become the latest agent to sign up to the total agent bundle. They have taken advantage of the great half price set up offer which is coming to and end on the 31st August 2010. Give us a call today to make sure you catch it in time.

We have had great feedback from the B2B show and will definitely be attending a few more shows in the coming months.  Our new marketing campaign is well under way, for details go to

Success at B2B show in Cheltenham 2010-07-21

Northway attended the B2B show at the Cheltenham Town Hall yesterday and had a very successful day with lots of new contacts. Thanks to everyone who came along to talk to us and congratulations to RRA Architecture who were the lucky winners of our bottle of champagne!

Super fast 24 meg broadband and Line rental products released2010-07-15

Northway are now able to offer up to 24 meg broadband offering you super fast service perfect for data and voip usuage. If you are interested in getting more broadband for your money give us a call today on 01684 878504.

We have also just launched our new line rental product.  Are you fed up with your existing supplier? Are you frustrated with wasting your valuable time stuck in a call centre queue? With our new product you still get the same personal service and save money on line rental and calls.  Give us a call now if you would like to migrate your lines.

Northway launches new webpage ahead of show & new customer website is revealed2010-07-09 is the new page on our website to fall in with our most recent advertising. Everything you need to know about our hosted PBX telephone system can be found there. Why not check it out today and see how you could benefit.

We have also launched an enquiry only customer website that can be self managed. You can make it very personal to you and your business and can update it as often as you like. Check out for our example website. At only £15 per month and with free set up you can have a tailored website without the large bills. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

Come and see us at the B2B show in Cheltenham 2010-07-07

Northway will be attending the B2B show at the cheltenham town hall on 20th July, open from 10am. We will be displaying our products and services with some demonstrations on our VoIP services. We look forward to seeing you there.

Abta issues warnings over on line booking scams 2010-07-06

The sun just keeps on shining2010-06-25

As the weather stays bright we are all feeling good about the summer and even with the BA strike talks and troubles else where the travel industry is going from strength to strength. Sales of our total agent bundle are up and lots of agents are benefiting from the power of Northway VoIP. There really are great savings to be made by switching to VoIP, and there is a new buzz around the industry for it. Give us a call if you would like more info 01684 878504.

Our new websites are also selling well. With a basic manageable enquiry based website you can have a web presence for only £20 per month and with call centre wall boards, fantastic networking options and UK support with a standard geographic number. Can you afford not to use us!

We will be at the FREE business networking event at the Cheltenham Town Hall on the 20th July. Why not pop along and see us!

The benefits of VoIP for business2010-06-17

VoIP Benefits

Welcome to the world of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). With VoIP service, your phone calls travel over the internet as data, just as e-mail does. This type of service can dramatically lower your telecommunications costs while increasing your productivity. It also provides useful features and capabilities that conventional phone technology can’t offer:

1. Since its inception, the quality of VoIP service has come a long way. Today’s VoIP service has evolved and allows you to make and receive calls using standard phones or, even better, feature-rich IP phones. Sound quality has vastly improved, too–in fact, many businesses today have abandoned traditional phone systems in favor of VoIP. Many of these businesses have the ability to leverage their own data network to carry phone calls originating and terminating within their office with additional savings and benefits.

2. Using VoIP can significantly reduce your telecommunications costs. Operating costs for VoIP service providers are significantly lower than for traditional phone companies, which must contend with the existing, expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure and costly industry regulations. With lower expenses, VoIP providers can charge much less than their competitors.

And with VoIP, businesses no longer have to maintain separate networks for phones and data–another significant money saver. Also, the costs associated with employee moves, adds and changes are virtually eliminated. All you have to do is move your IP phone (or traditional phone with a VoIP adapter) to a different broadband network jack and plug it in.

3. VoIP service makes your phone system highly flexible. VoIP systems allow you to do things that are simply not possible with traditional phone technology. For example, you can:

One thing’s for sure: VoIP technology is continually evolving, with compelling new benefits being developed for small businesses. For example, some new wireless PDA/phone combination devices allow you to use your VoIP service whenever you’re near a Wi-Fi network and use your cell phone service when you’re not. Among the advantages: a dramatic increase in mobility and a sharp decrease in your cell phone charges.For larger small businesses, having a single IP network for both voice and data can provide other advantages, too. For example, an IP network can also support real-time, high-quality, affordable videoconferencing, call center applications and more.

No matter the size of your business, VoIP is a surprisingly flexible, affordable technology that offers the same, sophisticated communication tools your enterprise-size competitors have.

Yet more sign ups for the Agent Bundle 2010-06-15

Pole Travel, Allseasons Travel and Argos Travel are now all signed up to the agent budle which is proving a massive sucess! For only £99/month for telephone, broadband, email, inclusive minutes, website and booking software can you afford not to? Give us a call and see how the bundle will work for you. Call 01684 878504 or see

B2B show Cheltenham Town Hall 2010-06-04

Northway have a stand booked at the B2B show which is taking place at the Cheltenham Town Hall on Tuesday July 20th from 1030 am.

After the success of the FSB Business Advice Day held last year the local FSB, in association with Cheltenham Borough Council, have organised another one for 2010. 

The FREE to attend B2B Show at Cheltenham Town Hall showcases local businesses, their products and services. Once again various organisations and advisors will also be there to help with free business advice and a range of valuable information and money saving ideas - including HMRC, ACASBusiness Link, Gloucestershire 1st, Better Regulations Executive (BRE), HSE etc.

 Please feel free to come and see us at stand H6 where we will be displaying our products and services.

New server to help spread the email load, BA strikes and election woes2010-05-11

Northway have purchased a second email server to help spread the volume of email routing through its network. After several migrations the email will now be back to full speed.

With the BA strikes confirmed to start on the 18th May and the volcano still playing up is it set to be a bank holiday at home for many people. The travel industry has seen so many set backs recently it is a wonder it manages to keep up on its feet. Lets just hope things settle down and we can all look forward to a problem free summer.....

The election result has got the whole country wondering what will happen with our government and who will end up with the job of running the country. Hopefully whoever gets the job will do the job well!

Total Agent Bundle 2010-04-29

Our total agent bundle is proving to be very popular. With a new telephone system and 4 extensions, 1000 minutes to landlines, broadband, email, booking software and an agency web site all for only £99.00 per month. This could save you massive amounts of money on a monthly basis in BT line rentals alone. Call today for more information 01684 878504.

Getting back to normal yet?2010-04-28

Well things are slowly getting back to normal and people are returning to their rightful places, we have another bank holiday coming up this week end but will it be busy for foreign travel? Apparently less than 10% of people are  re thinking their holiday plans due to the volcano.

We have some changes to be made here at the office and a new mail server will be installed this week to share the high load of email traffic, and lots of set ups in the pipeline for our hosted pbx, many business are realising that the benefits of VoIP are many and the savings to be made will soon outweigh the setup costs involved. Our set up charges are already minimal so its money saving all round!

We have a new group on Facebook, just search for Travel Agent News and keep up to date with lots of info, you can also follow us on Twitter, northwaycoms.

Lets hope for a nice long sunny weekend.....

Airspace re-opens2010-04-21

British airspace reopened at 2134 on 20/04/2010 according to the National Air Traffic Service and after 6 days of cancellations and people stranded things can finally begin to get back to normal.

We have been affected ourselves with our managing director getting stuck in Spain and various friends and family stuck around the globe, it seems everybody knows somebody who was stranded.

Lets just hope that the reorganisation of the flight schedules gets everybody to their rightful destination very soon! and the Travel industry can then try and recover from yet another major set back.

Greg stuck out in Spain!2010-04-20

As with many people the managing director of Northway has been stuck out in Spain since the end of last week. He has booked a ferry from Santander for Thursday night to get home. He has not been stopped from working though, we diverted his calls to a spanish sim card with a Tewkesbury dialling code so that he can still keep up with  his work and whats going on and his customers can still get hold of him!

Publicity needed?2010-04-14

How about a brand new website for your business? How about a website that you can change as and when you wish? You choose the content, pictures, offers and you DO NOT pay thousands, or even hundreds of pounds to set it up. An enquiry only website is available for £20 per month with a £100 set up fee. Check out and for some examples. Contact us today if you would like some more information.

Sunderlands Travel are the latest agent to sign up for the travel bundle now, can you afford not to?

Easter Holidays nearly over, time to revamp ?2010-04-10

Wiith the Easter break nearly over, and what a long one it has been! its time to make a good start on sorting through your monthly bills for your business,

Do you have the best deal on telephones for your business model? is your contract coming to an end, have you missed your cut off point on a rolling contract?

Do you have business class broadband and high security email?

Do you have the latest holiday booking software, do you know it is cheaper than what you already have?

All these questions are worth knowing the answers to, and even if it is not time to change you will have checked your position and be in the right frame of mind to switch when the time comes, check it out today for your own peace of mind.

Do you know what your existing contracts are for?2010-03-30

We are urging our customers to check their current telephone contracts, we have come across a number of issues in recent months where customers have been tied in to very long contracts without knowing. When it comes to trying to cancel they find they have missed a cancellation deadline by a few days and have been signed in to a new lengthy contract with no get out clause!

Please check your contracts today, even if you are not thinking of switching supplier its always beneficial to know what situation you are in!

Spring clean your telecoms....2010-03-28

With the start of the new season why not take the chance to have a look at your current spending levels on telecommunications. You may be surprised but you may well think you need to reduce your costs. At Northway we are always happy to see if we can save you money. so why not give us a call today and see if we can help you out. 01684 878504.

Enable Holidays2010-03-23

Our engineers have been on site at Enable Holidays in Selly Oak for the last two days completing their cabling and installation. The company which was recently purchsed by Lynne Kirby of Pro Travel Solutions sepcialise in holidays for the disabled traveller.

New Ofcom regulations on onerous contracts2010-03-19

New Ofcom regulations have come into force looking into onerous contracts from telephone contract providers. Many companies will sign you up to 3 or 5 year contracts without proper explanation of what you are actually signing. They will now need to be absolutley clear with you before you sign any agreement about the contract length and notice period required.

At Northway we only sign cusomters up to a one year contract with a 3 month notice period, we have always been and will continue to be very straight with our customers ensuring the best level of communication and no nasty surprises in our small print.

Business class broadband from Northway2010-03-16

Northways business class broadband with upto 8 Meg where available from only £45 per month. With unlimited usage and UK based support we provide businesses with a superior quality product at a very reasonable price. With nearly 900 connections already we have a tried and tested product. Why not give us a call and order yours today. 01684 878504.

Travel Firms should have a plan for new technology2010-03-10

Travel firms are missing the opportunity for friends and family to refer their companies to one another because of their failure to embrace Facebook. David Parfect the social networking sites UK sales group head said about 24 million brits are signed up to Facebook with 11 million checking it on a daily basis. Not only to keep in contact with each other but also to promote registered firms by joining their groups or fan pages. You can follow Northway on Facebook. or Twitter.

World Travel signs up for the travel agents bundle 2010-03-05

World Travel have now signed up for the agents bundle and work can start on building their new agency website, the websites powered by Micros are fully flexible travel web sites that can be managed and changed on a daily basis. So if you get a special offer in you can advertise them to your on line customers immediately.

Why not call us for some more information on 01684 878504.

Appleby Travel & Disley Travel sign up for bundle2010-03-01

Appleby and Disley Travel have become the lateset agents to sign up for our agents bundle, offering all your telecom and booking needs for £99.00 per month. Both agencies will now be able to take advantage of our exceptional call charges and very flexible telephone systems.

Dawson & Sanderson roll out continues2010-02-25

Work continues on the installation process for Dawson & Sandersons following our take over of their broadband and network services.

The company has multiple branches around the North East and strengthens Northways presence in this part of the country.

Brand New Website and final Travel Angels add their final site!2010-02-11

Travel Angels have completed their move to Northway with their final site at Gillingham being added to their PBX this week.

Today sees the launch of our brand new website at with improved product pages and a new look ready for our brand new product launch coming soon. We would be delighed to know what you think!

We also have a discussion running on our facebook page why not join in, just go to Northway Communications Ltd and click the discussions tab.

St Andrews Travel2010-02-09

Our technicians are on site at St Andrews travel today following the acquisition of the agency by Hays Travel. They are now being equipped with the same technology as the Hays Travel home workers.

Interest is still building in the bundle package for Travel Agents that we have on offer all technology needs for £99.00 per month! contact us today.

The travel technology show takes place over the next couple of days with lots of information from Comtec about their Travelconnect product on offer. call us for Easysell upgrades 01684 878504.

Sabs Leisure 2010-02-08

Micros Travel has become the first travel agency technology supplier to integrate into a selling platform.

Benefits VoIP PBX can bring to small businesses across the UK.2010-02-01

The findings have highlighted the fact that consumer-grade VoIP providers, such as Skype, have helped to drive the uptake of VoIP over the past few years, but have failed to cater fully to the needs of the business environment.

The key idea is that with a business-specific VoIP carrier, needs such as a private branch exchange (PBX) are catered for, allowing for greater flexibility and reliability in the organisations communications infrastructure.

Business-grade VoIP services can help companies save on costs while increasing the productivity of their workforce, the study by the firm said.

And companies can take the cost savings made possible by VoIP PBX further, by considering the use of open-source PBX, a separate study has found.

The study, based around the recent DigiumAsterisk World conference in Miami Beach, Florida, found that businesses can cut their costs by almost 50 per cent if their consider using an open-source PBX to route their corporate VoIP traffic.

Contact us today for your quote, 01684 878504

St Andrews Travel purchased by Hays 2010-01-25

Northway have just added the St Andrews Travel branches to its Hays Travel VOIP network as part of the companies take over. This now brings our VOIP connections for Hays Travel in excess of 350. Which includes their home workers in the UK and overseas.

New Sales Consultant 2009-11-03

Marie Kershaw, who has been in the Travel industry for the last 16 years has taken a career change and is now working for Northway. 

Marie has been recruited to assist with the sales of new software products Travelconnect from Comtec and Sabs Agent from Micros. Both systems which are set to replace Easysell eventually are great new products with many more features than the existing system.

Marie will also be taking care of any new and existing sales queries, her direct number is 01684 878504.

Northway becomes a member of the FCS (Federation of Communication Services).2009-08-18

The Federation of Communication Services- FCS - is the UK Trade Association for the communications services industry representing businesses delivering products and services to customers by radio, mobile, fixed and IP telephony.

FCS was established in 1981 and is the stable force at the heart of the competitive and liberalised industry providing a voice for the competitive companies that deliver innovation into the UK market.

FCS Mission is to provide a service to member organisations by helping to establish a favourable operating environment and addressing:

Phone bills cut by Worldchoice2008-04-01

Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)-operated phones have been introduced to Worldchoice branches and homeworkers.

Agency branches can make calls free of charge between each other and to the consortium’s head office. The cost of external calls is reduced by 15% through a cheaper rate offered via the internet.

Worldchoice has linked with Northway Communications to replace traditional phones with a VOIP-operated handset system that uses the internet and a hosted server connection to place calls.

The new system also records calls with customers and operators which helps resolve any queries over bookings or prices as the branch manager has instant access to play back any call.

The system can also easily re-route calls to other branches or individual staff.

It will also re-route calls to a member of staff who is an expert in a particular product such as cruise.

Worldchoice technology manager Mike Carmody said: “The VOIP system will be particularly useful for agents with multiple shops and homeworkers. For instance, we have installed the system for our own homeworkers who use the system to re-route calls through to each other when they’re busy on the phone.

“The VOIP system also enables a message to be added alerting callers that their phone conversation may be recorded. Since using the system our agents have already a noticed a reduction in the number of problem calls as a result of this.”

by Phil Davies!

Hays Travel complete large scale network deployment with Northway2007-07-11

With the massive expansion plans of Hays Travel we needed to find a provider that could match our growth needs. We needed scalability, flexibility and security from a provider that we could trust. Having used Northway for our managed firewalls at head office over the last 2 years we felt confident in their capabilities. We are currently expanding our home worker base and we are rapidly heading for our 500th managed connection.

Premier Travel migrate their shop network to Northway 2007-06-12

Greg Mould Deputy Managing Director of Premier Travel said that "Northway were chosen to supply the network for Premier for a number of reasons. Firstly, Northway have a reputation for providing complex and secure virtual private networks to an extensive customer base in the travel industry. Secondly, Northway have lived up to their reputation for being highly flexible and responsive and have been able to swiftly add in additional sites at short notice. Finally we were able to achieve significant cost savings whilst also upgrading the speed and functionality of our network"



You can contact our support desk via phone, email, or our support portal

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