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Northway Hosted PBX uses voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to enable voice calls to be made and received over the Internet. The technology is currently used by more than 40% of UK businesses to reduce telephony costs and improve business efficiencies.

You can enjoy all the features of a great telephone system without the need for any onsite equipment and at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

Your system will be hosted in our high availability data centre ensuring that calls can always reach your business, removing any dependency on legacy hardware.

Northway Hosted PBX seamlessly integrates multiple offices on to one central system where calls between offices are completely free, no matter where they are located in the World. Homeworkers can be added as remote extensions where they can make and receive calls exactly as they would from the office.

Hosted PBX has all of the normal telephone functions but goes even further with personalised voice mails, IVR’s and functions like follow me and call forward. All these functions are included in the price. We don't charge for tweaks and changes like many other suppliers do and with VoIP we can provide as many inbound numbers as you require on any UK area code as well as 0800 numbers or any other premium rate number and provide complex inbound number routing.

Northway Hosted PBX removes the need for expensive ISDN lines and comes complete with full maintenance and support. It enables users to call any phone number in the world for a fraction of the usual cost (typically at least 50% cheaper) and any connected extensions anywhere in the world for free. This can create substantial cost savings for businesses.

Businesses that will maximise the benefits of VoIP include those:

Northway run a cluster of HP and Dell servers, which have virtualized containers providing the Soft switch, PBX, Billing, DNS and other services required to operate the ITSP service. SIP traffic is routed back to London for breakout to the PSTN networks, with backup via internet transit which has direct peering with Northway's carriers.

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