Hosted PBX Advanced Features

All of the features below (apart from wallboard and call recording) are included with Hosted PBX at no extra cost.

Caller ID identification for incoming calls

Your inbound numbers can be prefixed with a name so that you know which number a customer has dialled. This is useful for marketing campaigns so your staff know how to answer the call.

Global address book with click to dial

All users can share a global address book where you can update the master for all phones to share the contact list.

Phone system stats

View live and historic call information via an easy to navigate user interface. This is especially useful for monitoring extensions in other locations. You can select the time period to display a host of information such as:

  1. Answered calls
  2. Average call duration
  3. Total call time
  4. Average hold time
  5. Call distribution

Call flow analysis

As an extension to the phone system stats we can now provide full call trace information on inbound calls.

By drilling down into the call information it displays all parts of the inbound call flow, showing who the inbound call was presented too, how long it rang before being answered, who answered the call, show any failover destinations and the times at which each event occured.

Operator panel

Used for viewing live information of each extension (no matter where they are located). This displays extensions that are active, inactive and those that are on a call. It also allows you to listen in on other calls and if need be transfer the call to yourself to take over the conversation. Often used in staff training situations.

Dynamic conferencing

Create secure conferences for up to 15 members with password security and anouncements when members join and leave the conference.

Wallboard (not included in Hosted PBX price)

Live stats displaying number of users in a queue, users talking, max wait time and lost calls.

Outlook / CRM integration with on screen pop up of inbound calls

By installing some additional software on your PC we can integrate your Hosted PBX with Microsoft Outlook.


  1. Integration with one or unlimited system extensions
  2. Call history
  3. Real time call notifications via pop windows
  4. Click to dial - Placing calls within Microsoft Outlook, email message or contact
  5. Automatic contacts data update

Call recording (not included in Hosted PBX price)

Either select to record all calls, or chose to turn on recording for a call already in progress.

Note: you must anounce to the caller that calls are recording to meet regulations.

Custom reports

We can generate custom reports such as the top 10 most expensive calls, top 10 by call duration, all calls made after 10pm etc.

Reports can also be generated on inbound calls. Contact us for custom reports or to find out more.

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