Setting up the Google UK plug-in

Obtaining the plug-in from its creators

As many computers are provided with more than one browser the instructions are combined for convenience.

1. These three steps apply to Internet Explorer (7.0+) and Firefox (3.0+). (See step 4 for Chrome and step 6 below for Opera)

referenced for you directly above. Where it displays "Google UK (SSL)", selecting the link that highlights as "Ref: googleuk_web (14445)" by clicking the link with the left-mouse button. This is a one time install that will advise you if you make the mistake of repeating the install in future.

2. If you have malware or antivirus protection you may need to allow the browser setting changes to be applied when prompted. The same is true for Chrome but the instructions to get started are a little bit different due to the cross site scripting protections that Google Chrome employs (See 3)

3. For -Chrome (28.0+) This will open the dynamic content from the Mycroft Plug-in into a new browser tab. Once open, please action as per step 2 onwards (above) referring back to this browser tab as necessary. To guide you specifically for Chrome the plug-in will advise you as in the image below the URL

4. Once the plug-in has been accepted then please copy the following URL into a new browser tab and make the Google UK plug-in the default search engine as indicated in the image that is immediately below the next URL line.:


5. For -Opera:

At this time Opera doesn't support OpenSearch based Search Bar plug-ins. It does however provide the means to manually create a new entry or edit an existing (pre-installed).

Editing the Google entry from the bar contextual option to 'Manage Search Engines': replace via 'Details' the address to become:

How do I know I've fixed Google?

Browsing from wherever you see the magnifying glass, from the address bar and with Google itself should now be UK oriented by default. Also any search suggestions as you type will have a UK bias.

Is this change something that is reversible?

Returning to what the browser came with originally is still available from the search plug-in/provider management on the dropdown or from within settings. The plug-in can be removed through the same management interface each browser provides.

Why am I having to do the work to fix my location for Google?

The public IP you present to has a country-redirection function that is occasionally faulty in the way it works out your country of origin. A geographic position is determined by non-standard means and this can be 500 miles or more in error and effectively ignores the IP address country registration details that are correctly lodged with the bodies who manage the Internet in Europe (RIPE). For a small country like the UK this can be disastrous and you may end up being redirected to another country (e.g. Spain, Germany, France) where we have significant volumes of trade with. The problem is made worse as Google blanket whole IP ranges with what they determine.

The fix for this up until now has been to fight with your browser's home-page, adding /ncr suffixes and constantly adjusting the address bar to swap .es or .com to be We've explored the various options available and using an open-source plug-in from a community focused customisation provider seems the best way to overcome excessive periods where the inbuilt search plugin/provider is forcibly redirecting end users to have the experience as if they are outside of the UK.

Once the plug-in has been installed you should now experience Google Shopping and Google Maps correctly above and beyond Google Search being optimised. There are still restrictions involved with other Google related companies and third parties who have invested in Google Location Services. Examples include YouTube (use settings to force your country and language) and Spotify (adverts will continue to be served in a foreign locale in the free version). Northway Communications continues to serve you by submitting country corrections to Google but as their ability to remedy problems such as this have extended beyond the one month target lead-time we don't wish to leave our customers without the means to override the default behaviour.

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