Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

Fibre to the cabinet is now readily available throughout the UK with many street side cabinets being upgraded every week meaning more and more customers can upgrade their services.

Fibre to the cabinet is fibre optic cable from the telephone exchange to the street cabinet and then copper line to your premises, meaning much faster speeds than traditional ADSL broadband. You can enjoy download speeds of up to 80mg and upload speeds of up to 20mg. Some premises will receive FTTP (fibre to the premises) with the fibre optic cable coming straight to your door. Click here to fill in your details and we will let you know if you are in a fibre enabled area and what speeds are available to you.

Northway’s fibre is business grade FTTC supported by high quality routers that give the best for your business. We are able to control how much of your bandwidth goes to data and email and how much is reserved for VoIP calls meaning the best quality at all times.

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VPN Inter-site Connectivity

Northway provides the capability to connect all of your sites branches, home workers and international users securely into your own virtual private network without the need for expensive consultancy charges.

Connections provided on Northway's network are isolated from the internet on our private network. Intra-site VPNs inside our network can normally be provisioned within 24 hours. All internet access utilises use our state of the art Fortinet firewalls to ensure the highest levels of security.


Our advanced firewall products provide anti-virus, anti-spam, and web category blocking.

Computer and network security threats are growing and are indiscriminate to company size. These risks include:

As professional and personal lives become more entwined, companies need to achieve a balance between managing employee needs and company concerns. Minimizing Internet abuse, while enabling workers to accomplish reasonable personal tasks online at work, requires flexibility. Balanced Internet access policies and effective Firewall technology enable organizations to manage employee Internet use.

The problems of providing security and maintaining a level of employee flexibility is especially acute for small to medium enterprises (SME) where manpower and IT budgets are both in short supply. Northway Communications has therefore introduced a range of advanced security products to the UK Travel industry.

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