Speed Tests

To try to identify speed issues there are 2 test logins that can be used on the router:

BT Test login:

A generic login exists that will work even if your account login refuses to work, or there are service problems. Also if you are experiencing intermittent problems with your connection, the login bypasses the Nildram systems totally.

Use the following login details on the router:

Username: bt_test@startup_domain

Password: (ignored - any or no password can be used)

Once authenticated, you can browse to a single site, which currently consists of a single graphic image.

If this page can be viewed it will prove the BT network is working properly. If not, the fault will lie with BT and Nildram will be able to getting the fault raised on the BT system.

ADSL Speed Test

To run the BT speed test use the following details on the router:

Username: speedtest@speedtest_domain

Password: (ignored- any or no password can be used)

From this point on you will have no access to normal websites or email as the BT speedtest login can only be used to perform the speed test.

You can access the BT speed test site from either of the following url´s: or

Before the test can be run, you must enter your telephone number in the box provided. This is necessary so BT or your ISP can access the results of your test if you decide to report unacceptable line speeds. Once you have entered a valid telephone number, click the GO button to start the test.

Once you have completed running the tests you must change the routers login details back to what they were so it reconnects using your normal login.



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