ADSL Faults

ADSL Faults tend to balance equally between the following causes:

  1. End User Configuration error / Modem or Filter Fault
  2. BT Line Problem, Exchange Problem or outage within the BT ADSL Network (Called Collosus) - These can vary in impact between all UK ADSL customers, people just on your exchange or just your own line
  3. ISP Problems - These tend to affect a lot of users at once

To illimunate any local end user configuration issues please check the following:

  1. Is your broadband enabled telephone line working? I.e. Are you able to make and receive calls using your broadband enabled line?
  2. Is your broadband affected by incoming or outgoing calls? Do you experience temporary disconnection while making or receiving calls?
  3. Disconnect all the non ADSL equipment connected to the Broadband line/PC such as FAX, alarm, answering machines, additional telephones, satellite set-top box, satellite TV receiver, etc. If there are multiple non ADSL equipment connected then disconnect one by one to identify potentially faulty device(s). Has the problem been resolved?
  4. Do you have a new master socket with a front plate (NTE5) or an old type master socket (LJU)?



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